Oliver, British Columbia, Canada

To say Martin Rothe is passionate about biodynamic farming is an understatement. He's an encyclopedia of information and his excitement for the family orchard business shines through. Martin and his son, Jonathan Rothe, farm on rich, vibrant soil thanks to their huge compost which is one of the keys to the spectacular fruit they grow. Martin has been growing biodynamically for almost 40 years. Featured above: Martin Rothe hanging out in the rye field.

Martin and Jonathan Rothe Farm yields…
Apples: Arlet, Cox Orange, Gala, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Macintosh, Spartan, Honeycrisp
Apricots: Goldrich, Gold Bar, Goldstrike
Cherries: Bing, Black Pearl, Lambert, Van
Nectarines: Firebright, Red Gold
Peaches: Crest Haven, Early Red Haven, Glo Haven, Raritan Rose, Red Haven, Rosa, White Coconut, Angelus Hay
BC Organic Farmers
BC Organic Farmers