Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada

Across The Creek Organics is located in the Pemberton Valley, 100 miles north of Vancouver. Operating since 1912, this 500 acre farm rests on the Lillooet river flood plains, and is one of the largest B.C. providers of organic potatoes. Half the land consists of wild wetlands and old growth cedar groves, making for a uniquely beautiful and fertile farm. Farm descendant Bruce Miller and wife Brenda are Land Conservancy Agricultural Partners and are Certified with the Salmon Safe program. And not only are they Certified Organic, but they also carry certification as Seed Potatoes Growers within a highly restricted potato seed quarantine area. Their organic table potatoes are shipped across Canada and into the United States. Even the off-grade potatoes find a home as the primary ingredient for Pemberton Distillery's organic spirits. Featured above: Bruce Miller.

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